Hello, I’m Laurel. I’m

an award-winning art director

a UI & visual designer

fun to work with

a creative problem solver

an Adobe CS expert

a strategic thinker

currently living in Chicago

a world traveler

driven by constant curiosity

quite good at hosting parties

an effective communicator

a believer of the golden rule

I specialize in…


This is where problem solving meets visual impact—the intersection at which I am able to do my best work. Curiosity and empathy drive my processes, and I believe a design is only as beautiful as it is functional.

Art Direction

Every great design starts with an idea/concept. I have experience creating concepts and also bringing them to life—from producing and directing photoshoots to commissioning illustrators, and even starting from scratch and creating something stunning out of nothing at all.

Visual Design

From branding and identity work, to building publications and marketing materials from the ground up, I have a strong command of design principles and am comfortable employing them across any medium.

Selected Work

A little more about me…

With a degree in journalism and a background in editorial art direction and content marketing, I have been practicing the art of storytelling through design for well over a decade. Whether crafting award-winning editorial publications or beautiful and functional user interfaces, the medium in which I work has been shifting from paper to pixels, but the foundations for success have remained consistent. A solid and functional grid, an engaging color palette, harmonious font families, and a well-defined style guide are integral to the visual design process across any medium, and I have been using these tools to build brands and experiences for Fortune 500 companies, tech start-ups, small businesses, government contracts, and non-profits.

I am driven by constant curiosity and empathy for people and the world around me—and I believe that good design and effective communication can solve just about every problem. A rare breed of designer, I possess the ability to keep the big picture in sight while remaining detail-obsessed down to the last pixel. I thrive in environments that allow me to be simultaneously strategic and creative.

Currently based in Chicago, I’ve lived and worked in some amazing places—such as Washington D.C., NYC, Nashville, and New Delhi, India (but I will likely always be a Southerner at heart!)

When I’m not designing, you can find me obsessing over clean eating, listening to Bluegrass, throwing over-the-top theme parties, volunteering for a worthy cause or soaking up nature every chance I get.

Feel free to say hello!

You can drop me a line at petty.laurel@gmail.com