Adobe CS Template LIBRARY: design & creation

THE CHALLENGE: Aon marketing and thought leadership collateral is produced by a range of diverse teams in over 120 countries around the world. Subject matter varies between each region and business unit, and there is no central content manager or quality assurance system. Therefore, the challenge for creating a unified corporate identity system was not only to produce templates that were flexible enough to suit diverse business needs but also easy for designers arond the world to adopt, all while maintaining the integrity of the global brand. In addition to creating the templates, I authored a training manual for designers and recorded 14 training videos to be distributed to design teams around the globe.

I started off by defining a flexible 12-col. grid system that could be used for a wide variety of content across print and digital mediums. I then defined guidlines for use, and documented them in a production guide for designers, which outlined standards and guidelines for all client-facing touchpoints.

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